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The History of NBK

<NBK> has a long history of tradition. We have been through episodes and trying times since our birth March of 1996. The one thing that remains is the friendship forged through playing games, online and offline.

Ahhh, 1996, the year of Triathlon Broadcasting and Electronics Boutique and of course, the Sony Playstation. Two things that factor in on the creation of NBK "The Gaming Group". Alot of people don't know this, but the group can really be credited to six gamers:

DeathDealer, BootieMAN, Woebringer, Nemisis, HEAT, and Mix

The first being DeathDealer. If it wasn't for Death, none of us would be here. PERIOD! He would frequent Electronics Boutique frequently to waste his money on one of a thousand Playstation titles he’d eventually end up selling for his love of the PC and Kali. Same goes for Bootie, Nemisis, HEAT, and Woe. They were all were console bound, for obvious reasons, although Woe had a knack for pc's long before DeathDealer came along. (NBK) roots actually can trace back as far as Digital, a member you seldom hear from, but a member that is the KING of computers and networking. He never thought about a group like this, but contributed to getting us together. After a long and embarrassing stint on my behalf of Death trying to convince me that internet gaming was "Where it's at!", I finally caved in and purchased a Packard Bell p133.

The second, was Woebringer. In all, he had the idea along with Nemisis of starting a clan called NBK. These two had always toyed around with the idea. It, unfortunately never was acted out, so (NBK) had to wait a while to be born. Woebringer was a core part of the creation of NBK "The Gaming Group" and all members should know and respect who he is.

The third, was BootieMAN. Bootie!!! What can we say, he's the man. From day one, he was able to take any game and kick our butt's at it from War2 to Duke3d. He was always beating us, more like stomping us into the ground. The actual order may be a bit off so please bear with us on this but Bootie from day one, was a friend. Like with Woe and Death, we all had our arguments, especially, Boot's and Death's kcheat with Duke Nukem 3d. We were all NEWBIES, not just your normal newbies, but HARDCORE NEWBIES! Look up newbie in the dictionary and there you will see a picture of all six of the original founders with their gamepads. It's true, even Bootie used a gamepad in his hayday. =).

The fourth was Nemisis. Nemisis got into onling gaming the same way that we all did: Death talking him into purchasing a PC to play games with our little group of gamers. Nem had this saying, "Get The Hell Outta My Town!!!" while playing War2. Give or take a few words, we still say this (/wink). Nem was always on the phone with us, day in and day out playing War2 and Duke3d.

The fifth was HEAT. He was with the group since day one. HEAT was a Wichita police officer and has very little time to come online although a faster processor would help his venture in coming online. HEAT did the same thing we did: purchased a pc for the sake of playing Duke3d and War2 online with our little group of gamers. HEAT has always supported us and been behind everything that NBK "The Gaming Group" has done. This makes him one of our most important members and helps us define our, 4Life attitude: friendship and compromise.

The sixth was Mix. Of course we all have our perspective of how all of this came down, but our recollection was heading home to have a full time job at playing games. Eventially, Wink met up with Death, Bootie, Woe, Nem, and HEAT. After Death convinced Mix to buy a pc, they played games until the wee hours of the morning, making us all tired at our jobs the next day. After a month or two of playing Diablo with everyone, we were finally coming around to the idea of a group, thanks in part to Woe and Nem. Nem would always use the pass and username for our Diablo game on Battle.net as nbk, murder. Having nothing to do with the movie, but with how badass we newbies were at Diablo. Time passed, and needless to say, the idea sounded great! We could find other gamers to play with and have our own little click of friends that share our same interests! Wo0o0o0o we finally busted out the word pad while discussing it with Nem and Boot, and we created (NBK) "The Gaming Group". Gaming Group standing for a group of gamers who played multiple games.

We saw clans in the past coming on the FEIST server on Kali treating others like dirt so the last thing we wanted, was to be a competition based clan full of those type of players. We learned how to edit a webpage, created the basis of the group, and starting what seems to have been Kali history in the making. Creating one of the most successful groups on Kali and on the internet.

KoG recalls:

I decided to leap into the future and purchase a brand new state of the art pentium 75 packard bell computer with 16 megs of ram and a 1.2gb hard drive - this thing screamed. I don't really know how I found myself on the wonderful world of Kali playing dukenukem3d with various different people, but I do remember a small group of people with (NBK) in front of their names and they had a pride about them and a tight bond within their numbers. I knew I wanted that, so I asked a few of them how I could join their ranks. Mix - a cofounder of NBK directed me to tell the group about myself in the form of an email to him. A few weeks later I recieved a phone call from Dustin aka Mix and was informed that I was accepted into the group. When I logged onto kali that night however I was unable to modify my name with the (NBK) tag in front of it as (NBK)-KillerOfGiants held to many characters to fit in the space provided. So on June 7, 1997 (NBK)-KoG was born and welcomed into the group of friends known as NaturalBornKillers.

We played many games at the time and I fell in love with diablo and was soon made the diablo game master for the group. I recall the great fun of forming a game on battlenet and zipping down to diablos lair to set a town portal in it and teleport outside so I could have (NBK)-Doc or (NBK)-Deathbynor take my port from town to their deaths. I ended up taking a break from gaming to attend to real-life issues and when I returned, I found that NBK had moved to World of Warcraft. NBK was just starting to aproach Onyxia raid ready when I got the game of WoW. I quickly looked up my old friends and joined them in this new and wonderfull world. The rest is history, and I have created long and lasting bonds with a group of friends that called themselves (NBK) the gamming group. All thanks to a fellow by the name of Jay Cotton that wrote a little program called Kali over a decade ago.

Stabitha shares:

Well, I came into NBK a bit late. If I recall it was around the turn of the millennium. At that time, everyone was really into... um... was it Counterstrike then? I'm not sure. Regardless, Counterstrike is the first game that really stood out. We played all kinds of first-person shooters back then. Diablo, Unreal Tournament, Quake, and most of the Medal of Honor series. We also played some first-person strategy games such as Delta Force. I got into NBK the World of Warcraft Guild about six-months after WoW came out. We were on the US-based Garona server then, and we really weren't much more than a group of friends that did some questing together, and maybe some 5-mans. The day Alexstrasza opened January 02, 2006, we all started new characters on that server (there was no such thing as Paid Character Transfers then), and set about making a name for NBK there, by being one of the best guilds on that server. We quickly got to 200 people and then started weeding them out, finally settling around 100 people or so, which was fairly contstant throughout most of the NBK heyday on that server.

On Alexstrasza, we raided 3 nights a week, and yet kept up, more or less, with the guilds that were raiding 5-6 nights per week. One of the things that NBK was known for was what happened out of the game. We had one of the best websites of any WoW guilds world-wide. Not the best, certainly, but one of... It had features that were very rare. Even all of the "standard" applications *DKP, Roster, etc. had been so customized that we were getting e-mails several times a week through the first year about how we did certain things. We had automated addons written by guild-members, an automatic roster that had more features than even today's Armory (such as a "who has this recipe" feature), and even automated installation and updating of required addons. We were also one of the first guilds to have a raid calendar that looked like, well, a calendar! Today, that seems second nature, but it was unheard of back then, because there were no premade application that could do it... without spending oodles of money.

Of all the guilds that formed within the first week of Alex's existence, only one... NBK... was left standing on the server's first anniversary. Sure, some of the guild NAMES were still around, but only NBK had been around, with its original leadership, without disbanding and reforming.

A few months later, as happens to all guilds - we'd had our first big split and were having issues, but we were still raiding, and still taking down all of the bosses we'd been taking down. Only progression had slowed, because that first split robbed us of all of our tanks and healers. Eventually, of course, slow progression led to its own problems, and eventually we had kind of a revolving door of membership, which caused raids to go poorly. By then, all of the guild's leadership had had enough, and we put the guild on sabbatical (never disbanding it, but not being active either), and went our separate ways. Keep in mind this was almost 1.5 years after it had originally formed.

After finding out that other guilds were having major issues as well (remember, this was about the time of the 2.0 patch, with the 25-man raids, and the MAJOR guild issues that caused), so we kept returning to NBK to get back at least what we had on Garona—a group of friends who quested together, and pretty much gave up on raiding. Every once in awhile, some of us would move to a guild to try their hand at raiding again, but that was almost always short lived, because honestly, most guilds are VERY short-lived, so we usually found our way back.

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